Jeanne Adwani

I’m Jeanne Adwani.  I am a local Ann Arbor, MI. businesswoman, owning a hair salon called, Be Hair Now right in the heart of Ann Arbor.  I am an artist/poet, a creativity coach, and a Metaphysical enthusiast.

In The Beginning

My first love of what was for me the ‘occult’ back in the early 70’s was Palmistry.  I was dazzled to know that every single person’s hands were like snowflakes, not one is the same to any other.  I looked at every hand that gestured in my direction to see the truth of that.  I wanted to know what all those lines and whorls, shapes and symbols meant.   I was dazzle.  I consumed as much literature as I could about Palmistry.   For several years in the late 80’s I read palms at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. “Me Lords and Me Ladies.”  I have seen many things in hands.  I still find hands fascinating.

Of course, one bit of magic lead to another and by the late 70’s I was hooked on the Tarot Cards and dabbling in Astrology.   I was fascinated by the stories that I could see and feel within the cards.  In the beginning, I would sleep with a card under my pillow to understand it better and then dedicate the day to having a deeper understanding of it.  I did find my way in to that deep and meaningful wisdom within those 78 cards that is always evolving each time I enter into a relationship with them.  They still unlock mysteries for me and invite me into shifting my perception of how I experience and engage the world around me.

When I read for others, as well as myself, this is my hope; that together we shift and enhance a story that might be going on that needs a new perspective, a clearer sense of the moment, a fresh light on it.  This is not a fortune telling experience though there is a sense of the fortunate in the shift of a situation, or the re telling of a story line that holds us to a life of being stuck and limited by that story. For me, it is an opportunity to be present in the moment, and let the cards invite our wisdom to surface in a grounded and creative way with a new sense of awareness that can be shared and listened to.  It is important to take the opportunity to re-store a sense of well-being, positive thinking, gratitude, and a more peaceful, joyful life.

As for Astrology, I look to those stars and the Moon’s cycle frequently.  I read charts with a less than traditional approach; focusing on the patterns that I see in the houses they live in.

My Spiritual Practice

I draw my spiritual energy from nature’s elements, patterns, and cycles (literally and metaphorically), as well as from the stories and patterns to I find in the Tarot cards, from the beauty of Numbers, and from the celestial wonder of Astrology the house that all the planet find their home in.  I stay centered and present by connecting to my breath.

Patterns and cycles, numbers and stars, elements and seasons, all have stories for us to notice, to tell, to shift, to change, to re-story because we must, and to bring awareness into our lives.

This Blogs Intention and Invitation

This blog’s intention and invitation is to draw on all of the above, with a special interest in the stories and elements that are told within the Tarot cards.   I believe that living in these 78 cards are all the archetypical narratives that each one of us journeys into, out of, back into, gets stuck in, avoid, and sometimes feel like the perfection of life at its very best.  We are our stories.  What stories will you tell of whom and what you believe yourself to be?  Is it your story or is it the story that was delivered to you as you grew up and now it’s not your truth?  What If you might change that story?

How To Connect with Me

My Hair salon;  Be Hair Now, 202 Miller, Ann Arbor, Mi 734 260-0629

My poetry blog:

For classes and Readings.  734 260-0629

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