I will be adding info to this page as time goes on.   All of this is my story and how I perceive the Tarot, numerology, and the elemental world around us.  It is a sketch of how I imagine the journey that these archetype invite the reader into on this quest of understanding and intuiting the highest good of the moment.  I believe we get to choose how we give energy to the story of our lives: how we invite Joy, peace, negativity and it’s corresponding bed-fellows.  How ever we compose our story of who we think we are, it ever enhanced and complicated by the power we give away to others.  How do want to own the pleasure of living a joyful life?  How do want your story to go?

I always invite you to explore as much information as you need to deepen your understanding of the cards, the elements, and the numbers.


There are traditionally 78 cards in a Tarot deck.  22 of these cards are the Major Arcana and the 56 remaining cards are the Minor Arcana.

Arcana simply means Mysteries or secrets, thus we have The Major Mysteries and Minor Mysteries.

The 22 Major mysteries are considered archetypes.  An archetype is “an original pattern from which all things of the same kind are copied.”  (on-line dictionary)

The way I feel/see/imagine it, is that we are all a mystery living here in this 3-dimensional reality and we are all finding are way ‘Home.’

Taking the Fool, (pure spirit unfolding)  as a Major Mystery and  the first example: anyone that demonstrates a free spirited, independent, risk taking life, unencumbered by ‘things’, is willing to explore and experience life with openness, trusting in the process in each moment, might be an archetype  that has the Fool as their pattern of being.  For some people that kind of lifestyle may appear incredibly foolish and frivolous.   Which of course all that can be true too. 

Inherent in all Archetypes is the positive and negative aspect of that ‘original pattern’.  The Fool, might be ridiculously impulsive, thoughtless, freedom at the cost of everything and anything, like a loving relationship, ignoring of what is true and loyal, no trust, Care-less, a lone, critical of those that are tied down to life and relationships, void and empty of feeling. 

There are many positive and negative aspects of all the Major Arcana.  And the mystery is that you are the Mystery finding your way/path on the journey of life.

As the Fool Journey finds her/his way through the Major Arcana, there are many heroes along the way that invite and remind you of who you are and what other personalities weave a life around you.  Hero’s come in every Card.  Unkindness and negativity also live in each card.  Masks come off, masks go on.  It IS after all, only a story told by a fool finding their way back to themselves.

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