Please know I do NOT fortune tell. My invitational insights, are for YOUR empowerment, for you to feel into what you already know.   I use my metaphysical tools to bring to the moment what You might be missing , are unsure of, have forgotten, are avoiding, or need affirmation on.

What ‘we’ do together is to call up you own Wisdom, that which already is within you and waits for you to unlock and open to.   In our time together I will support your deepening into what is important right Now in your life.

Here are some of my offerings:


*30 Minute Wisdom Insight consultation . . .  $ 50

In 30 minutes you can choose a question, or simply let the cards and                                        numbers fall as they may.

*One Hour . . .                                                        $ 95

In our hour together there is time for a deeper dive.

We Can:   look at your numerology and Tarot in relationship to your birthday                                         and what ‘year’ you are in, and what that impact is or isn’t

We Can:   Take a look at the relationship of the Astrology Wheel and your                                               Tarot

We Can:    Play in the realm of Questions.



I can take a wide overview of your chart.  A look at your transits and Patterns that             seem most relevant to you now.

* cost.   $125


Let’s chat and see what is the best way for us to gather and for me to consult with you.   We will do this via Zoom or we can talk on the phone.   Thank you for visiting .

email…   734 260-0629 (this is also my shop #)