8 feb  2012  >    15/6     >     Devil/Lovers


It was a Full Moon in Leo yesterday and the affect of it lingers. http://planetwaves.net/astrologynews/826576389.html.  This is a link from an Astrology column by Eric Frances I follow.  I invite you to take a look for a deeper understanding of a full Moon and this particular moon.


Today is a Lovers/Devil kinda day.  In the tarot there are four other cards that are part of these two Archetypes/Major Arcana:  ‘6’ of wands, ‘6’ of swords, ‘6’ of hearts, and the ‘6’ of pentacles

Wands represent Fire, Swords, Air, Hearts, water, and Pentacles, Earth.  All the elements come to play on this day.  This means that the Lovers and the Devil find their work to do in these four elements that make up our bodies and the world around us.  Soon I will put up a page here that describes this more fully.

‘6’ is the nurturer, the ‘make it better’ person.  Life is all about relationships, the care of others and humanity, and the responsibility that comes with that.  ‘6’ sees the beauty in people and desires to encourage and help that along.  ‘6’ seeks comfort, balance, and harmony.  They are dedicated to those they love.  Sometime they forget to take care of themselves.  Sometimes the giving and receiving becomes confusing to their sensitivities.


If this is your birthday, than this is a year to consider relationships: how you love, how you give and receive love, how you take on the responsibility of caring and nurturing,  How you experience your creative nature,  how you seek comfort and harmony, how you sabotage yourself and your relationships, and most of all how you care and nurture yourself and find harmony and balance within.


What ways do you sustain harmony and balance in your life?

How is giving related to receiving?

How will you see and seek beauty in this world today/this year?

Is it time to nurture a relationship or is it time to let it go?

How will you give love to yourself?

What ‘bedevilment’ sabotages your path to good relationships?

Did the ‘devil’ really make you do it?


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