#9 Hermit/Moon.. Daily Invitation


11 feb 2012    >  9/18   >    Hermit/Moon

Welcome and Peace to you.   

Todays invitation, should it be your birthday or stepping into the day with the desire to explore some questions,  is all about the number ‘9’ , the Hermit, and the Moon.  ‘9’ is the number of completion, pulling together those last final pieces of what you have been working on for some time now.  The Moon, speaks to cycles, the flow of feelings and thoughts that provoke those feelings, the shadows of life, how you reflect light, and the fullness of that radiance.  The Hermit, calls to your inner wisdom, lights it up and lets it shine within and out.  He/she invites you to pay attention to what you know and how you might expand on that spiritually.


What ‘pieces’ of your puzzle are now ready to be laid on the altar of your life complete?

As you rest in the ‘shadows’, gathering quiet and peace, what calls you to come out in the light?

What do you notice about the cycles and patterns of your life?  What works and what doesn’t?

Do you have a pattern in your life you’d like to change and shine more light on?

When you don’t know what to do, can you be OK with doing nothing till your inner wisdoms


Did you know that you have as much time as you need?

Is there something in your life that feels incomplete?  What would work for you to bring completion?


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