13 feb 2012    >  20/11/2    >  Judgement/Aeon/Lust/Strength/Priestess


A ‘2’ day/year.  Looks busy up there doesn’t it?  Aren’t all days busy and we want to slow them down a bit?  The ‘2’ with all it’s friends invites you into cooperation.  To create a dialogue, and exchange with other and also within yourself.  Creating good communication skills.  Speaking from the ‘I’ as opposed to pointing the finger at other and creating defense.  The Judgement/Aeon cards invite you into being accountable for what you say and do in the world.  Calling on your personal wisdom to make good decisions.  Lust/Strength, give the invitation to knowing your vulnerability and trusting your intuition and instincts.  The Priestess gives counsel, whether you listen to your own inner counsel or it’s a time to find counsel in other: she/he stands between the worlds of what you know/imagine, think/feel, comprehend/query. 

Also, associated with the Major Arcana of the day, are the ‘2’ of sword, ‘2’ of wands, ‘2’ of cups, and the ‘2’ of pentacles.  I consider these card ‘the work’ cards.  Where your work for this year/day is.  In the swords, you look for clarity and the cutting away of what isn’t serving you.  In the wands, there is your passions, what gets you up and moving, how you light up, or light your way, in the cups is your flow, your heart, how you feel, in the pentacles is what you do, and how you do it, the stable, steady experience of it all.

Within all these cards is the polarity of the positive.  What isn’t clear, what doesn’t feel light, what doesn’t flow, what feels unstable and not working?  I invite you into considering that.

If today is your birthday, these are questions to consider for the whole year.  Grab one or all and see what stirs you up.  Change the wording around to make it feel right for you.  As you ponder these thoughts and questions, please take a moment to sit quietly and breathe.  Let your breath guide you into a quiet place for the questions to have a moment to brew and shimmer.  Invite your wisdom to be your guide.




How will you lift ‘the veil’ between what you know and what you think you know?

What counsel are you in need of?

How can your vulnerability be your strength?

What does it mean to experience the luster of life?

How are you accountable to yourself and others?

How do you give trust to your intuition?

What do your instincts tell you?

How do create clear communications?

What does a ‘partnership of the heart’ feel like for you?

What can two do better than one?

How does the creative force of two bring it all together?



Exchange with other

Speak from the heart of the ‘I’

Lift the veil unknown






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