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Happy Birthday MaryGAil…rn.nn.noendtoit,


I Like a ‘9’ day.  I find myself taking a survey of the last few days or months and consider what is left to do to bring what I started together.  Is it ready yet?  What piece of it needs more consideration?  ‘9’ brings it all together.  It seeks completion in a cycle, a project, a thought, a pattern.  It might be that there is more to consider before the coming together can occur.

The Moon, being all about cycles is the perfect compliment to the ‘9’.  A pattern of 28 days from dark to full to dark again and again.  I like to think of the moon’s cycles as a time to plant a seed of to consider, start a project, lay the ground work for my heart’s desire, then let it unfold as the Moon comes to here fullness and shine a light on journey of my desire.

The Hermit expresses his/her ‘9ness’ by gathering her Wisdom, feeling it fill her up and then lighting a Path to that Wisdom for other’s to see.  Some people are a joyful expression of life and reflect it out into the world.  I think of those as ‘Hermit kind of people’  Their light shines and we feel attracted to it.  We want some of it.  Hopefully, it becomes clear that their reflection is an opportunity to realize our own Light and Wisdom; our own joy.

Patterns and cycles, reflection and Light, Shadows, and hiding.  


If today is your birthday, these are questions to consider for the whole year.  Grab one or all and see what stirs you up.  Change the wording around to make it feel right for you.  As you ponder these thoughts and questions, please take a moment to sit quietly and breathe.  Let your breath guide you into a quiet place for the questions to have a moment to brew and shimmer.  Invite your wisdom to be your guide.  And remember, if overwhelm sets in, take a very little step.  You have as much time as you need.




What feels incomplete that you feel a need to bring together?

Are the patterns and rituals of your life ones that serve your life?

CAn you create patterns and rituals that, in there doing, you feel full and whole?

Who in your world reflects Joy and wonder and how might you let your own Joy and wonder fill you?

Do you hide in the shadows or do you let the Light shine on you? 

What idea, thought, feeling, project, desire do you wish to plant during the dark days to come into the Light?

What pattern gets in your way of finishing and what might you do to shift that?

What inner wisdom is urging you to pay attention to it and listen?  

Do you let your moodiness keep you from feeling ‘light’?

How can you let your moods be your allies?

What if…;there is no completion for something and it’s time to move along and give it up?




Moon full bright wholeness 

Light pushes at the shadows

Meadow feels our dance








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