3 march 2012    >  11/20/2  >   Lust/Passion/Judgement/Aeon/Priestess

TAROT HAIKUHeart hand n mouth.jpg

Passion deep within

Listens to the counsel call

Know all of thy self

Good morning… Sippy the coffee… relax into the morning. Letting move in and around me.  How about you?

Today, is a day to consider your Passion.  How it speaks to you, moves your heart and mind, dances on your body.  Calls you to investigate your intuition, and trust your instincts.  A day to give yourself to yourself and listen to your own counsel.  There is accountability in this card as there is in all these cards; a calling forth in life, to not so much make ‘judgement’, more like feeling the rise and call to notice where you’ve been and what you will do and be now.

‘2’, the number of communion, exchange, counsel, guidance, mediator, seeing both sides to a story; ‘2s’ care how people connect and the mysteries of togetherness.   In the Tarot, one of the ‘2s’ is the ‘11’, this is todays number  with the other ‘2s’ the allies at work to support it.

In the Crowley deck, “Lust implies not only strength, but the joy of strength exercised. It is vigour, and the rapture of vigour. (BT p. 91-92)”  It is that ‘vigour’ that we’re talking about here; that taking charge, feeling your vulnerability and finding strength in that.  Not letting the overwhelm of life take charge of you rather you taking charge of it.

In the ‘20’, Aeon/Judgement, there is the calling to accountability, really ‘seeing’ life from a higher perspective, understanding the timelessness of it all, knowing where you’ve been and feeling yourself fully present right now.

In the Priestess, there is the invitation to what is beyond what we can see, the exchange with the inner world of mystery and personal counsel.  The knowing that in the silence and quest for deep spiritual knowledge; it is in the listening to your quiet wisdom.

If today is your birthday, these are questions to consider for the whole year.  Grab one or all and see what stirs you up.  Change the wording around to make it feel right for you.  As you ponder these thoughts and questions, please take a moment to sit quietly and breathe.  Let your breath guide you into a quiet place for the questions to have a moment to brew and shimmer.  Invite your wisdom to be your guide.  And remember, if overwhelm sets in, take a very little step.  You have as much time as you need.


What in-vigors you to take action on your own behalf?

How can you invite your passions back into your life?

What in your past might you need to let go of so you can live fully right now?

In what ways are you living a life of accountability to yourself and others?

If your own ‘counsel’ is not working at this time, can you find someone to assist you?

How do you balance your intuition with your instincts?

How can you ‘priestess’ yourself?  What does that mean anyway?

Are you ready to find out what is just beyond your sight?  Can you listen?

Who/What needs you to be clear in your communications and speak to what needs saying lovingly?

How will you become a better communicator?

How can you put some luster back into your life?  What needs polishing up?

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