11 march  2012   > 10/19/1  >  Wheel of Fortune/Sun/Magician



Around and around

Life finds itself circling

In the up down center 


It doesn’t seem like it takes long to make it through number days does it?  Already back to the beginning.

Today… Is a Wheel of Fortunate day.  A day for the wheel of life to turn and turn again; Up, down, left, right.  What goes up comes down and back up.  It’s all about where you stand in your wheel of life.  Centered?  At the edges? Hanging on for dear life?  All these ways of being connected to your life will happen and happen again.  Where ever you are in this cycle/circle, your attitude will be what supports you in the traveling.  Are you a victim of your life or do you hold yourself accountable for what happens within and around you?  It’s about you today and if it’s your birthday it’s about you alllll year long.

‘10’ leads you to ‘1’.  The beginning.  Once the fool has jumped into life, the Magician gathers the tools of life… earth, fire, air, and water, to create a life worthy of living.



How do you make your life worthy of living?

What magic stirs around you that you wish to harness and utilize?

What brings you back to the top of the wheel?

What is the light that shines at the center of you feel like?

What edges in life need a little push?

How do you stay centered and grounded?

How do you shift your attitude from negative to positive?

Can you not lay blame on anyone or anything when the poo hits the fan?

Can you take responsibility for where you are right now?

Think of what is fortunate in your life and remind yourself of that daily.

What are you grateful for?

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