14 april 2012   3/12/21   Empress/hanged One/Universe


Hi.. sorry I have not been attending to the daily invite.  Back now… One thing, if you are so inspired is to total the day up and refer to one of the days that I have already written regarding that number and tarot card.   Also… I pull a card from my deck almost daily for a thought for the day.  Always a nice thing to do.

Today is an Empress kinda day.  Or, maybe it’s your birthday and it’s an Empress kinda year.  She joins the ‘3’ to invite you to play and nurture.  She is the unity of a trinity that gives life and nurtures it.  She is creative ( she bears her fruit) and seeks to follow a path that serves that which she bears. She is pregnant.  It is a time to notice your creativity.  What you might be ‘pregnant’ with, and that which you ‘bring into the world’, be it body, mind, or spirit. 

The HangOne as you ally invites you to take your time with what brew inside you.  Allow yourself to be with it and feel it fully.  The Universe is the portal to which you might walk through to birth you and what you wish to give freely to the world.




What does it mean to you to be pregnant with possibilities?

What are some of those possibilities?

What needs your nurturing right now?

How do you give support?

Is there something you desire to create that needs you to push it along?

As you sit quietly, what rises in you that calls you to pay attention to it?

How can you bring more play time into your life?

Do you take enough time to nurture yourself and how do you do that?

What might you luxuriate in?

How will you care for yourself as you plant the seeds of possibilities?

Is there some one you need to include in your journey?

Is there someone you might need to let go of?

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