5 may  2012    >   6/15   >   Lovers/Devil



Devil may not care

In the tease, taunt, and torture

Notice loves message



Good afternoon… Late in the blogging.  Sorry.  I suppose I should just to tomorrow and then, someone is gonna like today’s invitation, I’m sure of it.  (My story)

Todays invitation is about relationships with others and yourself.  In the ‘6’ there is a great desire for harmony, there is the nurturer, the care giver, the humanitarian, the giving of the self so that others thrive, and the focus on hearth and home.  If your number is ‘6’ (add your date of birth together) you also have a charm about you that can be irresistible. Problems rise when you have given yourself away and have nothing left for yourself and you wonder “What about me?”. If and when that happens, I invite you to consider whether you were giving of your self without expectation as it is in the expectation that can make the giving not as much from the heart as you might have hoped.  It’s easy to see the Lovers in this number.  


The Lovers is all about relationship with yourself and with others.  The Devil as the ally can seem like one of the those cards you go “REALLLLY?”  Ya. really, the Devil challenges you to be accountable for what you do and say.  The Devil will indeed poke at your edges, bedevil you into thinking/feeling/imagining that perhaps you are wrong, making bad decisions, or that something is alway better just over there where the grass must be greener.  The Devil taunts, teases, seeks to finesse all relationships into a place where you might find the wisdom to trust your own worth and decision making power.




How do you sustain harmony and balance in your life?

When do you notice that you have ‘giving yourself away’ and there isn’t enough for just you?

If the ‘Devil made you do it’, what would you have done otherwise?

What patterns rise for you when life is going well and balanced, and you get restless to stir the pot up by creating disharmony?  Why?

How do you make sure that you are taking care of yourself as well as others?

How does the ‘be-devilment’ remind you of who you really are?

How do you trick yourself into believing the unbelievable?

How will you nurture your relationships in a healthy way?

How do you make friends with your devilish side?

What would you like to do differently from your usually pattern of caregiving that still feels like you are giving and receiving?


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