16 may 2012   >     8/17   >    Adjustment/balance/Justice/strength/The Star



Duality holds

In the Light and Dark repeat

Center calls you home


How is life transforming for you this morning?

Lets take a breath and clear our minds for a moment.  Again… let yourself release any conflict you can feel in your mind and body.  Breathe it away.  Feel your breath pull in goodness and Light. Fill up on a fine Sunny spring day, filling you up, greening you from the inside out.  Preparing you to flower.  Take a moment and let the calm fill you.


Todays invitation is about balance, justice, adjusting life just right so you can settle in comfort.  

Today’s invitation or your birthday year, comes from the number ‘8’ and the tarot card Balance/Adjustment, and Justice along with it’s Tarot ally, The Star (#17). Some tarot-authored decks, differ on the # 8 Major Arcana; Strength/Lust or Justice/Balance.   I made a choice to use Crowleys delineation making the ‘8’ card Balance/Adjustment/Justice. Simply, a personal choice.  Within either choice is the opportunity to consider how you balance and adjust your life; how you consider the choices you make to address inner conflict, or trusting what you know is the way to sustain equality within yourself and around you.  I think there is a tending to life in a way that is supported by noticing how you feel, and trusting your intuition and instincts.  Getting to far from the center of yourself will cause imbalance.  There is this constant flow in the nature of things that seems to desire balance.

Your ‘ally’ The Star, reminds you that staying well and healthy, knowing your vulnerability can be an asset.  And that you just might be standing between ‘heaven and earth’ acting as a vehicle for change.  These are all part of this sense of Divine Order to be aware of and mind-full of. 

In the ‘8’, is the management of your resources, your time, your money, and the consideration of how you control and have power; how you lead yourself and others.  It is considered by some, the card of Divine Order.  It will be about how you order your life and live in the material world.  How you manage it and others.  It can be dictatorial, and overly controlling.  Be Mindful.




What does Divine Order mean to you?

Can you be a vulnerable leader and what does that mean anyway?

In what ways can you adjust and find balance?

What is the difference for you between ‘power over’ and power shared and given?

How might you find justice in an unjust world?

What doesn’t feel fair right now that you can make feel/be a little better?

What needs to get out of the way of your sense of balance?

What isn’t working in how you manage ‘thing’ and what can you do to adjust that?

Can you let go of being perfect, or doing it ‘perfect’ so that you actually get it done?

If you feel you are on a tightrope struggling to stay balanced and centered what might you do to change this?  What needs to happen?

How will you manage your resources?

What are feeling you are losing control over that maybe you need to re-calibrate what that control is?

What is your time management?


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