26 may 2012   > 9/18  >   Hermit/Moon



Wisdom has a plan

It waits for your listening

Your heart feels the call


Ah the sweetness of a soft rain.. That’s what my morning rise is to.  We needed the rain and here it is.

Makes me languid and peaceful.

Welcome to ITN.  If this is your first time here.  Yeah.  and if you find yourself here again: yeah yeah. Feel free to pass this on to other that might enjoy it.  Thanks


Today, on this lovely rainy Saturday in Michigan, a day to take some quiet time and really gather your light, your unfinished business, your need for closure, whatever has been lingering in the undone zone that pokes at you to finish up.  Maybe you’ve been plowing through life and are drained, depleted, no time for yourself and your creative desires and dreams.  This is day to give a little bit to tidying up what has been bugging you and you have felt frustrated with.  It might be a time to let go of that piece of life you keep putting off and putting off and now it’s just a thorn in your side, undone, going no where.  And,  maybe it’s a day to sit quietly and meditate with your inner light and allow it to rise and show the path to your own wisdom.


  ‘9’, is the number for bringing-it-all-together: tying up lose ends, completing that project, that plan, that thought, so you can move on.  Being stuck in ‘9’ energy can keep things from coming to completion or missing out on an opportunity that need more action and less pondering.  

  Hermit ‘energy’ doesn’t need time to ponder and recluse; to gather energy in quietude and meditation so that there is more energy to have and more light to shine., more wisdom to gather and share.  There isn’t a time limit on the need for silence and gathering. And… once this time of quietude finds completion, Hermit energy is ready to give back and share what wisdom which was held in the shadows of life and is now ready to shine it out for others to see and feel.


With the Moon as your ally, take a look in those shadows of yours and drag that unfinished business into the light. The Moon, speaks to cycles, the flow of feelings and thoughts that provoke those feelings, the shadows of life, how you reflect light, and the fullness of that radiance.

The Hermit, calls to your inner wisdom, lights it up and lets it shine within and out.  He/she invites you to pay attention to what you know and how you might expand on that spiritually.




Can you carve out the time you need to sit quietly and allow your inner wisdom a chance to speak?

What needs ‘pulling’ together ?

Do you notice your inner wisdom and what is it saying to you at this time?

What are the cycles and patterns of your life and are they working for you?

What might need tuning up or letting go of?

What does the silence have to say to you?

Over the last 8 hours, 8days, 8years, 8months; what is now ready to bring to completion?

What lays hidden in the shadows of your life that seeks the light?

And what still needs time in the ‘shadows’ to percolate before it desires full-on light?

How can you claim the energy you need without giving too much of yourself away?


Please write out any questions that might come up for you that are more appropriate for you at this time.


And.. please visit my daily poetry blog… www.geezergirl.org


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