1 june 2012  >  12/3/21   >   HangedOne/Empress/Universe


Turn yourself around

360 of heart open

Lay down and look up


Hello.  And here is the Hanged One again.  Certainly the most popular of cards so far this year. For pure numerologist, it would lead to a ‘3’ day, The Empress. Some of her qualities are to nurture creativity, birth new form into being, and to consider the inclusive/exclusive ways of the World.

As I said recently, I think it’s poignant  that we are invited to ‘turn the world upside down’ and take another look at it all.  Or, more specifically, turn yourself around and a little upside down and get a new perspective.  What will you include and exclude?  And Is the Hokey Pokey really what it’s all about? 

I mean…. Really?  Is it?

The Universe, is calling us all to shift our perceptions and perhaps our attachment to our limited thinking and embrace a broader, more expansive vision of the world we live in.  Become more inclusive and see ourselves as part of the Great Universal Oneness. I am of the heart that we are All in on this living here on this evolving planet to share the common goal of achieving our Highest Good.  To be of kindness and love.


Since The Hanged One touches many birthdays this year, let’s hope that a year full of shifting perspective helps to heal our planet and our relationships with others and ourselves.


How might you shift your perspective?

Can you take a moment to notice how you make critique of something and change that?

Can you become more inclusive?

Can you see your ‘brothers/sisters’ in the people that pass you by on the street, in the store, anywhere?

How can you nurture positive thinking?

What new idea or concept might you take action on: birth?

Elementally speaking….

In the Earth of it… How do you create new boundaries?  How do you change what you do?

Or, HOw do you take what you have done and share it with the larger community?

In the Air of it… How do  you breathe new life into your life?  What needs clarifying as you shift your perceptive? What do you ‘cut away’ that doesn’t serve your present Path?

In the Water of it… What is the flow that you most desire to have?  How do you keep your heart open and honest?  How do keep your emotional integrity?

In the Fire of it….  How do you embrace your light?  What does Spirit have to say to you as you sit patiently waiting to listen?  Have you been being Authentic and what does that mean to you?

What needs burning away so there is a place to plant your new seeds?


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