5 june 2012   >    7/16  >     Chariot/Tower


she penetrates Light

no corner is left to Dark

feel everything now 

Back on track.  I feel that when I make a mistake in my addition for the day, as embarrassing as it is,  that there is always a higher reason for the mistake and it is what needed to be said.  (I’m covering for myself LOL)  Anyway… HI there.. thanks for your visit.  I’ve added correctly and we ARE on a ‘7’ day with the Charioteer as our invitation to the day with the Tower an ‘ally’.


In the ‘7’, there is the investigator, the analyzer, the observer; he/she who misses nothing and gathers what they know into a deeper understanding of how things work and the reason for being.  They are on a need to know bases as they tend to be suspicious of others.  ‘7’ find inspiration in everything they take interest in. There is a tenaciousness about ‘7’s’, at times even a willful fervor when something is decided, it become nearly unshakeable in the truth of it.  ‘7’ desires to be nearly perfect at something/s.


The Chariot is that warrior that embraces all these ‘7’qualities; that sits splendidly in his/her grand Chariot all dressed and ready to go; ready to be called up to take action when action is needed to be taken.  One of my deck has four butterflies with and eye on each wing as the trusted steeds that will carry the Chariot forth.  I like this representation rather than the horses without reins, as it speaks to the metamorphous and fragile beauty of the Will it takes to command the Chariot to move forward.  The Charioteer uses her focused Will to move the Chariot to take action on behalf of what has at last come to culmination and the time has come to Move.  It is a powerful statement about this card.


One of the qualities of our Charioteer is that they have given focus and attention to something that has moved them deeply, and they have waited patiently for the time to come when their service is called upon.  For called up they will be to take this passionate caring to the next level.


This is what this day and birthday year are about.  




What needs to be gathered and investigated right now?

What is your passion and are you willing to give yourself to it?

How will you give it your focus?

What incites your suspicions and how can you shift that into a positive outlook?

Is it time for you to take your project to the next level and what does that look like?

Is your foundation strong so that you can take some risks?

Have you gotten to far away from what ‘matters’ and might need to get back to basics?

What inspires you to give all of yourself to?

Does your will-fullness hold people to you or push then away and is that working for you?

Are you too attached to the outcome?

Is it time to shift your attention to something that will work better for you?

‘7’ of what?


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