interview with a Hermit…


7 june 2012   >  9/18    >   Hermit/Moon


HI there.  Todays is a visit with the Hermit and number ‘9’.   Keeping it all fresh here is challenging.  I thought this morning, like three minutes ago,  what might it be like to interview the Hermit.  And what might he/she have to say about who they are and how their energy, their thoughts and feelings, might invite you into a deeper knowing of who they are.  Personally, I was wondering, does that Hermit have a funny side?  What’s it like and how does that side of the Hermit give you some insights?  

I’m going to give it a go here and see what happens.  I will wear the turban, of the Hermit, and sort of channel what she/he might say to the questions.   What questions might you ask the Hermit?


Before I take on the Interview, here is some info that I have shared with you in the past to give you an idea of the kind of things you might consider when considering the Hermit, the ‘9’, and the Moon.  I will follow this up with my interviewing..  I’m thinking this could be fun.


 ‘9’, is the number for bringing-it-all-together: tying up lose ends, completing that project, that plan, that thought, so you can move on.  Being stuck in ‘9’ energy can keep things from coming to completion or missing out on an opportunity that need more action and less pondering.  

  Hermit ‘energy’  needs time to ponder and recluse; to gather energy in quietude and meditation so that there is more energy to have and more light to shine., more wisdom to gather and share.  There isn’t a time limit on the need for silence and gathering. And… once this time of quietude finds completion, Hermit energy is ready to give back and share what wisdom which was held in the shadows of life and is now ready to shine it out for others to see and feel.

    With the Moon as your ally, take a look in those shadows of yours and drag that unfinished business into the light. The Moon, speaks to cycles, the flow of feelings and thoughts that provoke those feelings, the shadows of life, how you reflect light, and the fullness of that radiance.

The Hermit, calls to your inner wisdom, lights it up and lets it shine within and out.  He/she invites you to pay attention to what you know and how you might expand on that spiritually.



  So, Hermit, can I call you by another name for this interview?


  You can call me Samuel if you like


   Thanks, SAmuel. Samuel, As I fellow that likes to bring completion to projects, what keeps you driven to make that happen?  Do you ever want to give up?


   WEll, it’s my nature to gather the lose ends, and make sure they are appropriately placed so that there is some sense of order to life.  I guess you could say I see what need completing and I ‘shine a light’ on that and help direct whom ever needs it, to it.  If that makes sense


   Ya, that makes sense to me.  You seem introverted and shy.  Is this more because it’s the nature of you, or are you too busy with the many parts of the puzzle that need placement to have a social life?


   I am busy gathering thoughts, and researching the world for information and understanding of how things work, or not.   I guess I do get very invested in all that and probably don’t give much time to my social life.    I am introverted, for sure.  And, also, once I’m finished with something, I do try to meet up with friends and have some fun.


   What’s fun for you?


   that’s a good question.  Ha.  I do like to know how things work.  And why it takes a little of this to make that.  I am a puzzle person.  I like figuring codes out and tracking personality types.  I guess that’s not so much fun for most people.  Once I ‘get’ how something comes together I feel joy and I want to share it with everyone.  I’m good at drawing all that out and giving great direction and methodologies of how stuff works.  That’s pretty fun for me.  I celebrate that with my other friends that like that kind of thing. Maybe, it’s not so fun for most people.  I love showing the way to all that.


   I think that’s really cool.  And no, it’s probably not a big belly laugh for most of us.  And, it’s very cool that someone out there, You, can do all that and lead the way.  


  Ya, it seems someone needs to help people, maybe mentor people, to understand how somethings work , or gets done.  I do consider it a gift.


  What about family and friends?  How does the beat of life flow with them and what you do?


  Pretty good if you’re not in a hurry.  And if anyones in a hurry to get from A-Z, don’t count me in on the hurry.  I take my time and I’m pretty methodical.  It takes me some time to be sure I have it ‘all together’ before I take action on behalf of what I’m doing.  I don’t zoom through life.  I like to be sure enough before I take action.  Sometimes, I miss an opportunity because of that.  I over think it, or over process it.  That can be annoying to my friends and family.  And to me to.  I can be very self absorbed in my process.  I can get sort of Moony and kinda have to disappear for awhile so I can figure things out.


   Interesting.  Would you say you’re moody?


   Maybe, but not necessarily in that way that comes out overtly.  At least, I think not.  I can be pretty quiet about it.  Only if you know me pretty well, might you really notice.   I do go in cycles.  Kind of like the Moon when I’m researching, or on a project.  Gathering, contemplation, analyzing, experimenting, more contemplation, figuring out what might work or not.  I’m not going to share what any of it is tell it feels right and together.  I’ll consider who can help and has the skill set I need to bring the pieces together.  You can’t hurry things when it’s important to people.  I care very much the impact of what I do in the world and how it intersects with peoples lives.


   I can see that.  Well, I have a million questions for you and it’s time to bring this interview together.  I know it might not seem quite finished for you and I hope that’s OK for now.


  I can be OK with that.  Thanks for letting me share myself with you all.







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