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2013…= 6… In Tarot cards, ‘6’ is the number of The Lovers.


A year for Love; self love, love of other.  There is invitation in this year to notice how you give and receive love.  How you place expectation around the love you give/or not, and the choice to choose harmony, kindness, and care as you move through your moments and days.  Whether in an intimate way or in passing, there is always an opportunity to consider how you will give generously of yourself.

Within this generosity of self is the mindfulness of giving without expectation, without condition on how the giving ‘should’, ‘could’, ‘outta’, ‘I hope’ the return will be.    Allowing the giving to be your joy with no want of return.

For many of us, this can be really challenging, when we feel we give and give and give with very little that feels like a return; wanting something back, wanting to be given the same love we feel we are giving and ending up feeling empty.

I invite you, if you feel this way, to consider if what you are giving comes from the heart, and requires no need of return? Or, are you giving because it’s expected, or you desire and hunger for some love in return that isn’t there in the way you want it?  Are you ending up missing the love that comes to you because you’re to immersed in only one way that you perceive it and are willing to receive it?

Love is limitless and comes in so many subtle and expansive ways.  A heart open with out expectation will reap what love is sowed. A heart that is compartmentalizes limits the gift of Love that  may not fall into any one of the little compartments that you place what you believe Love should rest or how it should Be defined.

Let this year, this invitation to Be the Love you wish to see, feel, experience, and Be.

You get to choose.

Can you give without expectation?

Can you love yourself unconditionally?

Can you be fearless in your Love?

Can you summon Love to you when it feels like love has left the room?

How will you invite love into your days and moments?

How can you open your heart a little bit further to give and receive it?

Can you be loving even if it means you must step away from the receiver and let them do what they may?

Who needs a little more love from you right now?

Can you be OK with asking for more love and receive that there might  not be love available in the way you want it?

Can you believe you are absolutely worth of being love and are actually, always loved?


Happy New year…

Peace and LOve.