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BELTANE… Passion…Balance… ’11’


1 may 2012   > 11/20/2  >  Balance/Adjustment/Lust/Aeon/Judgement/Priestess


May day… Beltane.  The celebration of Spring, fertility, planting the seed to come to fruition. What seeds do you plant to come to fruit in you life?  Love? Health?  Well-Being? Kindness? Be Here Now?  What might you write on our imaginary ribbon to gather and let go of as you dance the Maypole?

Happy Beltane day to you.


Quick to return to the ‘2’.  In the tarot, this is a ‘2’ day that brings us to ‘11’.  Depending on the deck you use, it is either Justice, Adjustment, Balance, Strength, Lust, Passion.  All these bring about the integration and exchange of differences, and seeing what is beyond what can be seen.


Today is a day, a year to give yourself to your passions;  that fire in your belly, that desire you have yearned for, that recreation of what ‘turned-you-on’ and you let it fizzle away…what you wish to shine up and give luster to.  It is a time to notice what internal dialogue you have going on about what lights you up, and is it the kind of conversation with yourself that you are enjoying.  This is a day or year, should it be your birthday, to look beyond the veil of your limited mind and feel from your intuition or your gut a larger possibility.  It might not be the whole truth and it might be a bit more inspired information to ignite your passion.  

Feeling and noticing your inner urges to express yourself.  Finding ways to be appropriate in that exchange between what inspires you and what feels right.  

‘11’ finds it way to the ‘2’, and the Priestess… the number of exchange, finding counsel within yourself or finding counsel in a trusted friend or therapist.  Sitting quietly and allowing yourself to feel and see beyond the veil between what is obvious and what lies hidden.

And… lastly, within the story of the Aeon/Judgement card rests the call to accountability.  Discerning what is presented before you and making ‘judgement calls’ appropriately. 




What inspires you to get up each morning?

How might you shine up your life and buff it to sparkle?

Who needs you to counsel them without it being about you?

Do you need counsel now to get out of a rut?

What sits right in front of your face that gets in the away of your seeing the totality of all you can be?

What seeds of life and inspiration, luster and passion do you plant now so they can bloom in your summer?

How might you put a Spring in your step and a seed in your earthly life?

What have you been talking about and pondering that now needs to rise up and feel the light of your action?

What have you needed to say that you have put off?  How can you say it lovingly?

How do you balance your busy mind with trusting your intuition?

 How do you give trust to your intuition?

What do your instincts tell you?