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Hi there.  Welcome to Invitation Tarot.  I have done a lot of writing about all these Major Arcana cards and their influence on our days.  Thus, there is often repeats happening which I invite you to read from other days gone by to give you more insight to how I see the influences happening.  I’m sort of shifting my modality of writing to allow me to expand and embrace other cards in the deck, still, hopefully inviting you to consider the day, its influence, and especially its take on your Birthday year.

I am of the mind and heart, that the questions I ask in the end are what might trigger and light up a pathway for you to see beyond your limited self to the self that is vast, and connected to everyone and everything.  We are all One.  

Tarot cards for me are a tool.  A creative story telling tool that can connect us to ‘Spirit’, ‘Source’, our HIgher self, whatever you refer to that is your connection to ‘All that is’, Oneness, God.  My prayer, my imaginings, my hope, my sacred desire, is that you remember… 

‘You are the One you have been waiting for.”



Your wait is over

You are the One you’re here for

You are life’s dancer


Today… Death makes his/her visit with her ‘people’, The Emperor, and The Fool.  Tho’ the death card speaks to transformation, the ‘constellation’ with the other two cards speaks to starting out with nothing but Beingness in the Fool, gather life’s necessities, and having a home and stuff, and then being faced with letting go of something that feels difficult to let go of in the Death card.   What is easy to forget is that with a letting go, there comes an opportunity for something, fresh, new, inspired to take the loss of what was let go of.  Here in lies the magic of the Death card,…. letting go.  Allowing and end for a new beginning.   There is always discomfort in the letting the go.  What does it mean?  What will happen?  Will I be safe?  Will I miss?  Who will I be if not with That?  It’s not a casual time when life asks you to let go.  And… that is what is asked today and if it’s your birthday, you get a whole year of finding your way to surrender.  Remember, you have the innocence of the Fool, fresh and alive, and the Wisdom of the Emperor, stable and secure, to consult with.  Know your inner Fool and your Wise Self, listen and play with the two of them and your journey with Death will be liberating.



What might needs, ‘letting go of’ to give space for something new and improved?

Can you ‘jump’ into your life with a new idea, a refresher course in beingness?

How do you limit yourself?

What endings are you afraid to face?

What rules, structures, definitions need reevaluation?

What have you always wanted to do and were too afraid of the consequences and breaking of rules to ‘jump’ into?

What lights you up and brings you to your playful, child-like, enthusiastic self?

What does your inner child desire?

What does freedom mean to you?

Can you imagine death as a transformative experience …Figuratively speaking?

What ‘stuff’ needs to be boxed and sent to the thrift shop?

Do you need to be boxed and sent to the thrift shop?  lol


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