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THE TOWER ON THE 4th of July


4th july 2012     16/7    Tower/Chariot


Good morning.  A beautiful gracious morning here.  I’m on a lake, at a cottage in Northern Michigan with my family feasting on the smells and sounds of nature.  I sit here with great gratitude, inhaling it all as the sun rises with the intense chatter of birds.  Lucky me.

Last night in honor of the Full Moon in Capricorn, I did a ritual.  It was a global group ritual, in which I gathered with others and joined as One Light for the healing and evolvement of the Earth, us, and all that have gather here to be part of this Earthly plan.  The intention was/is to know your Divinity as God/Goddess/Source/Oneness, what ever you choose to call It, and connect with “All that Is” as a group not the separate self.  To shift the Duality that keeps us separate and see that WE ARE ALL ONE.  Everything…

For me it was laying out an altar, laying out some cards, and sitting in silence with the intentions I wrote down that I considered in tandem with holding Divinity and Group consciousness.


It’s interesting to me that it is a Tower day as the planet Pluto (I still think of it as a planet ; )) which is in Capricorn digs us deep into the core of life, pushing our emotions, pushing at the structures set in place to make life here as it is, inviting us, testing us, to take responsibility for what is happening globally and the churning of how we feel about it All.


The energy on this planet is palpable.  For me,  I feel it deeply at my core with Pluto being my guide whether I like it or not.  Can you feel the shifts and changes?


The Tower speaks to stability and structures that have lost their connection to the very foundation that gave to their evolvement to be bigger, better, more powerful, leaving behind the core reason, core foundation that they built their power on.  Communication has been lost, even ignored by ‘the Top’ in relationship to the foundation that is needed to sustain them/it.  Ultimately, the Tower sways, and shifts and will tumble.  The focus of the ‘7’, the intention, the inspiration that is in that number, takes the on the negative qualities and becomes lost to the illusion of control and power.  Inspiration no longer considers everything and everyone, only to be at the top of the heap. 


I think this is very telling in our world right now and it is my prayer, my meditation that this separation ends where we all share in the goodness and kindness of each other.  So as you consider the Tower that is part of you: The positive piece of being fully connect to “As above so Below”, rather than disconnect and strayed by separation and a false sense of control and power, here are some questions to consider:


How firm is your foundation?

How strong are your roots?

What is inviting you to notice what shifts and changes you need to attend to?

How might getting back to ‘basics’ support your life right now?

Is it time to take a project to the next level?

Is your foundation feeling strong enough, steady enough to take some risks?

Are you being clear in your communications so that ALl who are on a need to know basic, Know?

HOw much more do you need and when is enough enough?

Are you too attached to the outcome?

Is it time to shift your attention to something that will work better for you?

‘7’ of what?