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12 may 2012   >  0/4/13  >  Fool/Emperor/Death



There is no dark grave

When Light shimmers everywhere

Every Fool know that


Hi… hope this day for the Fool finds you ready to jump on in.  In the Tarot invitation here , I also invite you to pass this blog on to other interested people and I welcome some feedback from you.  Thanks…

 22, that master number that adds to ‘4’, the Emperor, and represents The Fool in the Tarot cards, invites you to JUMP…  eek.  There is innocence in the Fool.  There is a freedom in the not being burden with things, and defined thoughts, and ways of doing this and that.  The Fool steps into life, jumps into life, falls into life, to find life, to find his/her way.  At some point in freedoms jump the Fool embraces the Emperor: order, structure, rules, definition, form, how to run that castle well and keep the kingdom steady and organized.  Then… Death comes along and says… “Hey.. ya’ll got lots of stuff, and things, and minds sets that are limiting, and over ruled and defined.  That box is seriously confining.  Time to let it go.  Time to transform limited thinking and living to give space for something fresh, alive, and new.”  

And so this journey of ‘4’ comes into being with this set of Tarot cards.


The Invitation for you if this is your birthday or just another glorious day… is to consider all of the above with these questions:



What might need ‘letting go of’ to give space for something new and improved?

Can you ‘jump’ into your life with a new idea, a refresher course in beingness?

How do you limit yourself?

What does your box look like?

What rules, structures, definitions need reevaluation?

What have you always wanted to do and were too afraid of the consequences and breaking of rules to ‘jump’ into?

What lights you up and brings you to your playful, child-like, enthusiastic self?

What does your inner child desire?

What does freedom mean to you?

Can you imagine death as a transformative experience …Figuratively speaking?

What ‘stuff’ needs to be boxed and sent to the thrift shop?

Do you need to be boxed and sent to the thrift shop?  lol


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