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5 march 2012   >   4/13/0  >   Emperor/Death/Fool



Know your domain well

Steward well the land’s family

Release chaos hold


Welcome and good morning.  Seems like the days fly by, right?  Today is a ‘4’ day.  I keep meaning to give you the methodology that I use to include the 22 Major Arcana in the typical number system 1-9.  It is a lengthy explanation that would take more time than I have in this moment, tho’ I will at some point, or you can see if you can find Mary Kay Greers book, Tarot Constellations.  I can say that I don’t add the number straight across tho’ they will indeed get you to a single number as all methods will.  I add the number up like this….      5




                                   2020 > 2+2 = 4   thus the Emperor


Death #13 and The Fool #0 are part of the ‘constellation’ ‘4’.  Why the Fool?  Well, in The Major Arcana there are ‘22’ cards.  The Fool being ‘0’. thus the Fool takes on the 22cd card which adds to ‘4’.  Since I want to include the Tarot in this Invitation of Tarot and numerology, I want all the Major Arcana, so I add them up this way to get to the first Tarot card which might be a double digit. It might have added to 13 today which would have made today lend itself more to transformation; endings and new beginnings which is a bit different than the Emperors desire to put things in order: to give form and structure, rules and securities to the ‘kingdom/queendom’.  Always…. I include the numerical compliment of each Tarot card so that you can have a feeling for some of the energy that is assisting the primary card, which for today is the  Emperor.

 Have I confused you completely?  Sorry if I have.  Basically, today…. get your house in order, a day to see what needs doing and what needs to be done with.  Look at those piles of stuff or that thing you were going to move around, or that list that keeps building up and not attended to, and get busy.  The Emperor of you has got some business to attend to today.


**If today is your birthday, these are questions to consider for the whole year.  Grab one or all and see what stirs you up.  Change the wording around to make it feel right for you.  As you ponder these thoughts and questions, please take a moment to sit quietly and breathe.  Let your breath guide you into a quiet place for the questions to have a moment to brew and shimmer.  Invite your wisdom to be your guide.  And remember, if overwhelm sets in, take a very little step.  You have as much time as you need.



Consider the the form and structure you ‘run’ your life in and with, and is it working for you?  

Is your ‘Castle’ operational in the way you like it? 

If there is chaos around your space, and what little thing might you do to shift that?

What agreements did you make with yourself to get things done and they are not done even a little?

Can you make new agreements with yourself to get things back on track?

If you share space with another are you keeping your agreement of order together?

And if not what might you do to get back on track there?

Does the Emperor of you need a little help and who can help you best?

(The Emperor knows who does what best and can delegate very well)

How well do you know your ‘king/queendom’?