An Emperor kinda day.. number ‘4’




4 April 2012   > 4/13/0  >  Emperor/Death/Fool



Fool leads the way home

Structure rules order’s cubicle

Death laughs at it all


Thanks for youR visit and interest.. Today is an Emperor kinda day, the ‘4’s’ main attraction. The leader is in charge of order, structure, rules, getting things down, gathering resources, being very resourceful, knowing who else can get jobs down and delegating. ‘4’ and the Emperor are very busy leading and containing.  The trick is to not make that box inflexible or over structured.  Within that ‘4’ also abide the Fool and Death.  The Fool revels in freedom and the quest to just Be.  Death, suggests you look at all your stuff and the confines of living and consider letting go, give space to something new or simple live less confined.  

If this your birthday, you have a year to consider these invitations.


How might you get your ‘house’ in order?

What needs doing that you have put off?

Are there resources you need right now to get your life on track?

In what ways do you feel safe and how do you make that happen?

Can you let go of your attachment to something so that you have room for a greater possibility?

Are your rules limiting or expanding?

What do you value and do you live your life in accordance?

Is there enough ‘play’ in your structured world?

If you could transform one part of you life, what would it be?

What keeps you stuck and resisting that transformation?


Please…if you have time, visit my daily Poetry blog. 


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