5 april 2012   >  5/14   >   Hierophant/Art/Alchemy



Re-source what might be

The what will be is yet here

Here you are right now


Good morning… Below is a repeat of a ‘5’/Hierophant day I’ve written about before.  I think it sums it up well and I decided that I didn’t have to recreate the wheel this morning…lol.  What new piece I’d like to add is to consider the elements of this day…  Meaning, earth/fire/air/water.  And always at center for me is spirit.  I give you some questions below to have a better sense of what I mean.  Thanks for your support and interest here.  …..

‘5’ invites the resourceful you to start gathering and thinking out of the box.  It can look like the five pointed star.  Yesterday, the Emperor held court and made way for the safety of the kingdom/queendom.  In ancient times the Hierophant was the spiritual director, the person that keep a close watch on what was evolving and shifting within and around the ‘dom’.  He (mostly in those day was a he) made sure there was some sort of religious, spiritual path adhered to and that he and his people keep order by gathering all the noteworthy and information for the ‘dom’ to flourish.  In some ways the Hierophant was the most important leader as he knew everything that was going on ‘out of the box’.  Nothing got past the watchful eye of the Priest.

Today is day to keep a watchful eye.  To gather info, that is relevant to you.  Perhaps, a project needs you to dig a little deeper, or looking outside your box is necessary for your sanity.  Maybe, you feel moved by the spirit of something you can’t define and feel the urge to explore it.  If you want to know ‘everything’ than you have to go and learn about it.  Alchemy/Art, invites you to get creative with that.  Try something that you were pretty sure wasn’t going to work that way and do it anyway.  Mix the unlikely with the probably not and see what happens.

*If today is your birthday, these are questions to consider for the whole year.  Grab one or all and see what stirs you up.  Change the wording around to make it feel right for you.  As you ponder these thoughts and questions, please take a moment to sit quietly and breathe.  Let your breath guide you into a quiet place for the questions to have a moment to brew and shimmer.  Invite your wisdom to be your guide.  And remember, if overwhelm sets in, take a very little step.  You have as much time as you need.




What might you need to re-source?

What urges you to give it try but your fear of the outcome gets in the way?

Can you do it anyway?

If you got out of your box, what would it feel/look/taste like?

Can you get out of your box and know that it’s still there supporting you on your journey?

Who might you talk to that can help you?

How do you step out of the routine of you life and seek something different and full-filling?

How might you bring a spiritual practice into your life?

What small step can you take that pulls you out of the doldrumss of life and fills you with creativity and joy?

How do you stay grounded exploring ‘out-of-the-box?

How do you allow your feelings to expand as you reach out?

What thoughts are prevalent in this and need more clarification as you explore?

What ‘lights-you up’ and fills your passion as you explore the great beyond?


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