18 april 2012   >   9/18   >    Hermit/Moon




Shadow mystery waits

Inner light makes rotation

Dark to light night sky


Mornin’  Happy Birthday if it’s yours and if it’s just another glorious day, Yippee.  If it’s your birthday, you get this card and number for the WHOLE year.  lucky you.

Today the Hermit and #9 take this days stage for consideration.  In the ‘bringin’ it all together’, often on behalf of the larger whole, in the 9, the Hermit lays claim to the same idea and feelings.  There is the taking of time to meditate and ponder what needs more time to ponder, or is ready to be the last piece in the puzzle.  At least for the moment.  Hermit energy is quiet, calm, introspective, often more expansive in the consideration of everything and everyone. The humanitarian is a part of the ‘9’ as it is in the Hermit.  And there is an innate wisdom that goes deeply spiritual.

The Moon, with all her moods, and shifts, and cycles allies the Hermit by always bringing her pattern together every 29 days or so.  She takes her time in the darkness and shadows to full-fill the night sky.  I guess one of the things I notice is that ‘bringing-it-all-together’ is a difficult task when the light shifts and glows in ways that inhibit clarity at times.  And you sit in the shadows longer than perhaps serves what needs doing.  Does that make sense?




What wisdom have you gathered that you can honor and share?

What is your ‘light’ and how do you gather your Light and share it?

Can you take some time to just be calm and quiet with no doing?

What does it mean for you to ‘lighten up’?

Do you have project or two or three that you’d like to finish and what does that mean for you?

Can you take some down time?

What needs ‘pulling together’?

Can you honor your own needs and say no to something when you need time alone?

Who needs you to say ‘no, not now’?

Think of what the Hermit means to you and how do you feel about that expression within yourself? 

What inner wisdom is urging you to pay attention to it and listen? 


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