19 april 2012   >  10/19/1   >   WheelofFortune/Sun/Magician



Centered single light

Senses tuned to the landing

Elemental mischief waits


Big Wheel keeps on turnin’ and turn it does.  Good Morning and thanks for taking time to visit… It is amazing to be back to the 19/10/1 day already… Zoom.  When I think of the tarot cards, the major Arcana in particular, I think of the journey of these ‘22’ card;The archetypical journey of them.  The metaphor of then in our lives.  The Fool invites us to take a risk, a chance, a gamble, and act of faith, a leap into life.  Once that jump as been made there you are.  Where?   What next?  What’s next in this journey is the Magician, the number ‘1’.  Which is the gathering of elemental tools; earth, fire, air, and water.  The gathering of the senses in a way that is deepening to what needs sensing.

Always in numerology you bring the the numbers to a single digit unless you’re dealing with the master numbers… 11-22-33-44..etc.  Right now I’m not going to speak of these cause it will complicate my brain in the telling.  

Since I follow that path of Tarot Constellations, a path defined by Mary Kay Greer, I include the numbers of the Major Arcana that add to the single digit …Thus, ‘19’, the Sun, adds to ‘1’ as does the Wheel of Fortune, in the ‘10’.  They become related, allied to each other.  And the make for me, a deeper impression of the singular numbers.  

The Wheel has come around a lot this year, in the way I add them together, rather than the Sun, or the Magician.  Rather than add them across I add them like this




  2035  2+3+5 = 10…  the Wheel

Of course it adds down to ‘1’ which would make any numerologist happy.  And.. I like to play with these cards and expand that ONE energy to include it’s allies.

So…. What you can know about each of these cards is that it is individuated.  It’s about you and how you stand in the center of yourself or not.  HOw you move within the wheel of life and how you shine, and hold your light as the Sun does.  And how you gather the tools of your life and use them to their highest good.

You are welcome to go and read other info I have written on other days about this.



How do you stay centered in yourself and if not how will you?

How will you push your edges and try to expand a little bit more?

What does the wheel of your life look like and how does it turn?

What new beginning is pushing at your edges to consider or take action on?

What can you do that supports that feeling of magic in the air?

If you ‘are the One’, how does your Oneness join with others?

What does the tool of ‘earth’ mean to you?  

What does the tool of ‘fire’ mean to you

What does the tool of ‘water’ mean to you?

What does the tool of ‘air’ mean to you?

How can you use these tool to move with changes and turns of your life?


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