22 april  2012   > 13/4/0  >   Death/Emperor/Fool



Waken to death’s knock

leave behind yesterdays want

Renew your old self


Good morning… thanks for you visit.


A lucky ‘13’ day.  That’s how I like to think of it.  A day, a year if it’s your birthday, of transformation.  Endings that give way to new beginnings.  Ridding of old ‘stuff’ to make way for the new. I think many of us our frightened of Death and what it means as it seems so final.  For me, in the Death card, I’m incline to considering the transformative aspects of death; Whether it be literal, or, which is often the case in this card, the metaphor of death.  The letting go of what doesn’t serve your life any more even though you maybe incredibly attached to it, it just might need to be let go of.  

‘4’, the Emperor likes order, structure, rules, a form to work in.  A home and family to support and give to.  Death, questions all that you possess, all that you give attachment to, be it body, mind, or spirit.   Transformation ask that you let go to let in what might better serve your life.  The Fool, well…he/she advocates surrender to the highest good, the freedom of being all of who you can be.  Jump into life fully.




What will you let go of to make way for something new?

What holds you to a way of being, living, acting, that doesn’t serve your life?

How does the thought, idea, feeling of transformation influence you?

Who’s rules have you been following, and do they work for you?

How can you create the life you deserve to have?

When will you let go?

Can you give form to your feelings?

What does leading an inspired life mean to you?


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    • I’m glad Linda that it helped… That dang letting go. YOu helped with your words about ‘being general’ and giving ‘it’ to the highest good. Loved that and feel it.

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