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Magical recipe

Prisms possibilities

Infinite limits


Good morning.  I’m a hairdresser and I’m at a hairshow this weekend and today is a great day to stir the pot and see what happens when you snip this, clip a little of that, color a swatch of hair and see what happens.  Yippee.

I love a day of Art and the gathering of resources.  A day of ‘5’ and outta the box.  Art/Alchemy, invites you into the gift of creativity in a way that is about considering the magic that is around and with-in you. Are you ready to take some creative risks?.  Considering turning stone into gold.  I know, Right?  The impossible meets the unlike; you stir those together and you get….. it’s a mystery.  They may work, they may not, and maybe you try it again.  Hopefully you try it again and risk the wonder of finding a new path, a new thing, a new way to express yourself.

The Hierophant is a spiritual leader who gathers and shares information; resourcing the ways of the world and the inherent diversity of the people.  Deepening the understanding that differences and likenesses fill the circle of life with a multitude of beliefs, and that within that is magic.  The Hierophant can be an encyclopedia of life.

Imagine the wonder of these two archetypes stretching beyond the ‘box’ of life creatively resources and exploring the great beyond.  Whatever that might be for you.




How do you step out of the routine of you life and seek something different and full-filling?

What seems impossible that you would either like to step more deeply into and see what happens, or you might need to let it go?

What keeps you from exploring your creativity?

Do feel trapped in your ‘box’ and in what ways that are healthy might you reach out of that?

When you think of spiritual leader, can you imagine your own inner spiritual guide and what does he/she/they feel and look like?

What research might you need doing to take you to the next step?

Are you missing the connection to your own spiritual practice?

How might you bring a spiritual practice into your life?

What resources do you need and who do you know that can help you?



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