22 may 2012  >  14/5  > Alchemy/Art/Hierophant



Take your magic wand

Nothing is impossible

The Universe waits


Now that we have transformed our yesterday or maybe that’s what you get to do all year if it’s your birthday, we come to a day of Alchemy.  The Art of putting the impossible with the improbable and making magic happen.  The risk of mixing together unlikely situations, or people, or whatever, and seeing what new and wondrous element comes into being.

With the wisdom of the Hierophant, the deeper the spiritual component is, the deeper the experience can be.  The Hierophant enjoys the research and resourcing that it takes to bring differences and likeness together.  It’s a trust your inner wisdom opportunity.  It’s trusting that you have gather what you need to bring to the cauldron of life the magic of mixing it all up and making something work.

It’s an outta the box kinda day. ‘5’ invites the resourceful you to start gathering and thinking out of the box.  It can look like the five pointed star.  Remember yesterday when the Emperor, who very much likes order, structure, and abide-able rules, laid claim to your day or birth-year?  Today is a day/year to consider how attached you are to all that form and order, and do you need to get out of your ‘box’?  In other words, are you confined, defined, stuck in a structure in your life that  is not really expansive and creative anymore?

Today is day to keep a watchful eye.  To gather info, that is relevant to you.  Perhaps, a project needs you to dig a little deeper, or looking outside your box is necessary for your sanity.  Maybe, you feel moved by the spirit of something you can’t define and feel the urge to explore it.  If you want to know ‘everything’ than you have to go and learn about it.  Alchemy/Art, invites you to get creative with that.  Try something that you were pretty sure wasn’t going to work that way and do it anyway.  Mix the unlikely with the probably and see what happens.




How do you step out of the routine of you life and seek something different and full-filling?

What seems impossible that you would either like to step more deeply into and see what happens, or you might need to let it go?

What feels impossible and yet you’re not done figuring it out?

What might me an unlikely thing to do  that actually might work?

What keeps you from exploring your creativity?

Do feel trapped in your ‘box’ and in what ways that are healthy might you reach out of that?

When you think of spiritual leader, can you imagine your own inner spiritual guide and what does he/she/they feel and look like?

What research might you need doing to take you to the next step?

Are you missing the connection to your own spiritual practice?

How might you bring a spiritual practice into your life?

What resources do you need and who do you know that can help you?



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