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See what it is right there

Notice beyond what you see

Make it right as is


Morning…  thanks for your visit.  One of the things that I feel is essential when you consider each day is to consider that whatever this day is and has to offer, that in this moment you are exactly where you need to be.  (IMO)  The past is gone, tomorrow has yet to be and this moment is where you can find the truth of yourself.  And if this truth is unsettling: if this moment feels difficult, or painful, you might consider how you could adjust your thinking, your feelings,  your attitude to shift this  moment into one of pleasure and joy.  Perhaps, take notice of the goodness around you and what you are grateful for.  Today’s thought for the day is the Hanged One.  How might the energy of the Hanged One help you shift your attitude to one of gratitude and joy?


  Tho’  it always comes to the ‘3’, the Empress, when you add it to its last single digit, today it first comes to ‘12’ which for me makes it a bit more of a Hanged One’s day with the undercurrent of the Empress and the Universe.  Just my way to use all the Major Arcana and consider more depth.  I am first a Tarot kinda gal.


It is interesting that there are many repeat expressions of the Hanged One already this year.  What it brings up for me is the need, maybe even the necessity to really notice how you attach yourself to your life, that Tree of Life that reminds you who you are and where you came from.  AND… that maybe, during these global times of disenchantment with the politic of things, It might be important to really, really, take a new perspective on things.  Turn your life upside down, if it hasn’t already happened in your resistance, and consider the path you are on and is it working for you? What in this moment might you look at a little differently, a little less negatively, a little more positively?  In the Hanged One card there is a need for patience and calm.  Maybe a shift in your world view, or your view of work, family, and immediate relationships.


The Hanged One is an invitation to get a new perspective and look at the way you’ve set your ‘systems’ in place.  With the allies of the Empress and Universe; they support your creative, nurturing process and ask that you take in a more Universal, inclusive view.  And, you have the Minor Arcana that speaks to the ‘work’ that might need doing in the elemental expressions of EArth, Fire, Water, and Air.  so the question might be these:




HOw do you give yourself to a new perspective, a new view of the world around you?

In the Earth of it… How do you create new boundaries?  How do you change what you do?

Or, HOw do you take what you have done and share it with the larger community?

IN the Air of it… How do  you breathe new life into your life?  What needs clarifying as you shift your perceptive? What do you ‘cut away’ that doesn’t serve your present Path?

In the Water of it… What is the flow that you most desire to have?  How do you keep your heart open and honest?  How do keep your emotional integrity?

In the Fire of it….  How do you embrace your light?  What does Spirit have to say to you as you sit patiently waiting to listen?  Have you been being Authentic and what does that mean to you?

What needs burning away so there is a place to plant your new seeds?


Thanks for you visit and may you ‘ hang’ with all of us on this journey.  Peace to you.


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