30 may 2012  >   13/4/0   >  Death/Emperor/Fool




Go and do it scared

Fear holds you if you let it

Soar into life free


And what might you transform today?    Good morning.  A day/year, if it’s your birthday, of Transformation.  Making space for what you always believe was your heart’s desire and life cluttered it up…. with your help.  

Death.  Many of us don’t like to talk about death or consider it.  There is a great fear around it,especially when it concerns physical death.  I’m of the mind and heart that this card is more about ‘the death of a way of doing things, or maybe the ending of something that needed ending long ago… or maybe bringing closure to that thing that never really was going any where.  What is that you have in your life that binds you to some discontent that never feeds your soul quite right?  Can you Let It Go?  It might take a little baby step at a time.  It might not even be something you give much attention to.  It might be an old pattern that you repeat and repeat, hopeful that it will one day surprise you and Voila, it’s all good.  What ever holds you from the fullness of yourself, I invite you to consider letting it go and giving space for something that Fills you up with goodness and light.




What holds you from having all the joy you deserve? Name three.

Who told you that you can not have your heart’s desire?

What is your heart’s desire?

What does transforming a situation mean for you?

How have you cluttered up your life and what can you do about that?

What is one small thing you can let go of today to start the process of releasing old crap?

What scares you into complacency?

How does death scared you?

How can you live your life free of fear?

What can keep you grounded as you release old stories and things that need letting go of?

What boundaries need your attention as you attend to making life joyful?

What does it mean to you to take the risk of letting go and taking a jump more fully into your life?


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