17 june 2012  >  10/19/1   >  Wheel of Fortune/Sun/Magician


Hello and welcome.  I’m having a lazy moment that has lasted a few days and I’m reposting 8th of Junes, ‘Invitation’ and interview with the Wheel.  Also, if you’d like another take on it, please visit the 27th of May posting…    I’m still in the mist of pondering how I can make this more interesting and exciting for me to write, and then that would be for you too.  I welcome any insights that you might have and would like to share with me.  

thanks again for your visit.  Namaste’


8 june 2012   >  10/19/1   >  Wheel of Fortune/The Sun/Magician


Good morning…  I’m going to continue to interview the daily Major Arcana cards.  What I hope will come from this process, this invitation, is that as you consider the day and/or your birthday year, you will get a sense of what It might feel like to enter a day in the life of one of these Archetypes and see/feel/smell… have a sensorial experience of what you might desire to get from your wisdom that is found within their story.  Remembering, that this is a very limited moment with the Wheel and an invitation and opportunity to feel what comes up for you as you allow the energy of the card to manifest in you world.  I will follow up with some questions that you might consider for you own sense of being/experiencing the card.

As for the numerology, I will keep that brief.

 A day of being a ‘10’ that leads to.. #1: knowing your Oneness, knowing that you are at One with all there is and all you are.  It is about how you initiate your life, how you stand centered and your sense of personal awareness.  In considering The Wheel of Fortune, which can represent the Circle of Life; turning and changing,  up and down, east and west, ever inviting you in to your center where the journey of life is more steady and focused. That center can be where the Sun shine directly on you to help you flourish and see where you’re going and how you’re growing.



   Is there any place on your Wheel that you particularly like to be?


   I am the whole wheel, not just a piece of it.  360 degrees, of Life.  And, when I concentrate on different places within me I do notice that I feel different when I’m at the bottom, or the south of me.  It depends,  sometimes that feels very stable and secure, foundational, and sometimes it feels too low and to caught in the material world?  Stuck rather than grounded. It requires an attitude shift so I don’t get all negtive and down.  I just push myself up, reach out and up.  I reach up for the top to clear my mind, feeling the move slowly cause I can take my time in the west part of me.  That middle place between my security, and my top place of mental agility.  In the west, I can feel fluid.  It’s in the western part of my Life that I have a sense of feeling more flowing and sensitive.  I might linger there for a bit so I have a sense of where I want to move to before I get caught in too much analyzing and mental blabber. Of course, there I can bury myself in too much feeling and get caught in that rather than allowing myself to feel fully and move along.   The top of me can be fun, and it also can be stern, or confused.  A lot happens when life reaches ‘The Top’ as long as I don’t get to heady and forget the ‘roots’ of me.   It’s nice once all that gets figured out and move clockwise to the eastern side of my life.  Take a breath and watch the Sun rise cause the Sun is very much a part of who I am.  


  Right.  Of course you’re the Whole Wheel, what was I thinking.  It’s clear that getting caught too long in one part of your life can be overwhelming.  Is it the shifting between the many parts of you that helps keep you centered?


  It’s the shifting and also, going right to the center of myself where everything is calm and one thing isn’t pulling me one way; although I have to say it’s a busy life and every part wants to be the primary piece.  If you  know what I mean?  And, if I can hold to that center long enough, steady my breathing, be aware of what grounds me, notice my spirit, allow myself to go with the flow of calm, and peace, I am truly All of myself all at once.  It’s nice.


  I like that.  Being in the Center of yourself where all is calm and peaceful.  HOw about when you get out on the edges of yourself? 


   Oh.. that happens.  Something is bound to toss me out there.  HA… And when that happens I’m kinda holding on for dear life.  I feel like I’m clinging and flinging about.  When that happens I go to that place of allowing.  What I mean by that is that I allow myself to hang on for a bit to see where it takes me.  Is this a time when I need to feel the pull of the edges, experience a creative moment, or is this a time when the edges want to slices a piece of me off and let me flounder?  What is the lessons out here past what feels safe?  If an answer comes relatively quickly, then I know I’m suppose to experience this.  If it feels like the answer is muddled and messy, I do my best to breath… get back into my body at the center of myself. 


  That makes a lot of sense.  In closing, is there any special wisdom you’d like to tell our readers?


  It’s your Life.  It’s a wheel within a wheel, bumping and experiencing, and passing, and exchanging with many other Wheels.  Remember, that the wheel turns and what comes up goes down and what goes down comes back up.  Ever moving is your life, your Fortunate self living at the Center, or the edges.  YOu choose.  Your center will Always be your place of goodness, and where you will have time to find peace and Wisdom.




How do you stay centered in yourself and if not how will you?

How will you push your edges and try to expand a little bit more?

What does the wheel of your life look like and how does it turn?

What new beginning is pushing at your edges to consider or take action on?

What can you do that supports that feeling of magic in the air?

If you ‘are the One’, how does your Oneness join with others?

What does the tool of ‘earth’ mean to you?  

What does the tool of ‘fire’ mean to you

What does the tool of ‘water’ mean to you?

What does the tool of ‘air’ mean to you?

How can you use these tool to move with changes and turns of your life?


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