Invitation Tarot Constellation



7  feb  2012   >   14/5   >   Alchemy/Art/Hierophant


Some times I imagine this ‘constellation’ of numbers as ‘painting/singing/dancing your way out of the box’.  The box, ‘4’, being that secure, safe place that holds your possessions, your order in the world, which is a good thing, something I believe we all flourish in.  And sometimes, that box is our prison.  It holds us in ways that confine, restrict, over protect, our desire to be in the world.  ‘5’ seeks to push the edges of the box; to know what might lie beyond the confines of our small world to the larger one.  Mixing the unlikely with the improbably, gathering information, and resources.  ‘5’ wants to know how things work or don’t.  That ‘5’ pointed star that reaches for the heavens, standing securely on the Earth.  

What improbable possibility tugs at your edges?

What keeps your from stretching yourself out of the box?

Is there a spiritual resource that you desire to know more about?  What keeps you from the quest?