20 may 2012…   >  12/3/21   >  Hanged One/Empress/Universe


Morning… for my miss on yesterday, Please jump to ‘log’ Quiver and Quake, 10th of May.  Sorry about that… and todays invite.



Upside down world view

Invites inclusivity

We are all One Light


Today is a day for the Hanged One. A lot of Hanged ONe days, wouldn’t you agree?  I think that is very telling as we aligned ourselves with Universal energy and the seeming quickening of time, that the need to take a look from every perspective is important as we evolve with our planet Earth.  I like to feel like I’m doing my best to stay fully present in the moment.  Sometimes needing to stand on my proverbial head for a new look see around me.  How’s that for you?


 A ‘12’ leading to the ‘3’.  With the ‘21’ sending Universal reminders.  This is day/ or year, if it’s your birthday, to consider a new perspective in your life.  To take a creative view of how you have thus far aligned your life and you might need/desire to turn it a little upside down; take a look at it from another angle or two.  You might already have been feeling that life has turned you upside down and whether you were ready or not.. hahah.  here you are, and now what?  I am of the thought/feeling that If you don’t know what to do, ‘hang’ with the moments till you feel the time is ready and right.  The deal is that you may have to take your time and be patient with yourself and others while the process and perspective brews.  The Empress as your sidekick here, invites you to think creatively and nurture a new possibility.  Have some fun with it and life and risk making a few mistakes and consider yourself highly creative. The Universe, your other ally here, pushes at the edges of your life from a broader perspective, reminding you that you are indeed part of Infinite wisdom and only need to allow yourself to tap into that vastness.



Just take one question that might inspire you…or two… or three… take what you need


What new perspective might you need to consider?

What is one new perspective that you feel you might include in your life?

How can you be more patient with yourself and others?

Can you remember that your have as much time as you need?

How do you feel about just letting go of your attachment to making a decision right now?

What one thing might you do to expand your view of the world?

Is there a class or creative project that is waiting for you to take action?

What does it feel like to wait and then maybe wait a little more and know that that is perfect?What do you take soooo seriously that gets in the way of your joy?

How can you nurture yourself?  What does that mean anyway?

Can you create one day/evening a week for simply having fun?




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