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3 june 2012    >   6/15   >   Lovers/Devil


Good morning.  A Lovers day.  Aaaah.  Settling into a day of relationship.  If it is your birthday, it is a whole year of delving into relationship with yourself and others.  Deepening the creative force and value of the ‘6’.


In the ‘6’ there is a great desire for harmony, there is the nurturer, the care giver, the giving of the self so that others thrive, and the focus on hearth and home.  If your number is ‘6’ (add your date of birth together) you also have a charm about you that can be irresistible. Problems rise when you have given yourself away and have nothing left for you.  It’s easy to see the Lovers in this number.  

The Lovers is very much the way of the ‘6’.  Seeking partnership and connection on a heart level; really on any level.  Even for some that avoid or deny their desire or want for relationship, are actually paying a lot of attention to it by the avoidance.  And, IMO, relationships are how we deepen ourselves and find out who we really are in the land that is us.  Relationships, reflect back to us how we connect, exchange, feel love, and friendship.  How we cherish ourselves.  How is your relationship with yourself these days?


Now that Devil… well…The Devil is the trickster, he/she who sets before you choices that tease you from your path and suggest that you might want to try something different, a new fruit to flavor your life. Also, the Devil can push your denial to a higher level and invite you to go in deeper to understand that denial if you can face your fear of being loved and cared for as you are.   When you begin to question who you are and what you do, the Devil will slip into your mind, and tickle at what challenges these questions. The Devil, that little poky voice within, pushes at your marginal resolve, into something that might not be the something you had in mind.  If you know what I mean?  The Devil will challenge your relationships; the ones you have with others and the the one you have with yourself. Thus, I am of the mind that the Devil performs a gift for you on your Path of life so that you can really have a sense of your integrity, your authenticity, and how you allow harmony and love in your life. 




How do you sustain harmony and balance in your life?

When do you notice that you have ‘giving yourself away’ and there isn’t enough for just you?

If the ‘Devil made you do it’, what would you have done otherwise?

What patterns rise for you when life is going well and balanced, and you get restless to stir the pot up by creating disharmony?  Why?

How do you make sure that you are taking care of yourself as well as others?

How does the ‘be-devilment’ remind you of who you really are?

How do you trick yourself into believing the unbelievable?

How will you nurture your relationships in a healthy way?

How do you make friends with your devilish side?

What would you like to do differently from your usually pattern of caregiving that still feels like you are giving and receiving?


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2 june 2012    >  13/4/0


Hi there.  Welcome to Invitation Tarot.  I have done a lot of writing about all these Major Arcana cards and their influence on our days.  Thus, there is often repeats happening which I invite you to read from other days gone by to give you more insight to how I see the influences happening.  I’m sort of shifting my modality of writing to allow me to expand and embrace other cards in the deck, still, hopefully inviting you to consider the day, its influence, and especially its take on your Birthday year.

I am of the mind and heart, that the questions I ask in the end are what might trigger and light up a pathway for you to see beyond your limited self to the self that is vast, and connected to everyone and everything.  We are all One.  

Tarot cards for me are a tool.  A creative story telling tool that can connect us to ‘Spirit’, ‘Source’, our HIgher self, whatever you refer to that is your connection to ‘All that is’, Oneness, God.  My prayer, my imaginings, my hope, my sacred desire, is that you remember… 

‘You are the One you have been waiting for.”



Your wait is over

You are the One you’re here for

You are life’s dancer


Today… Death makes his/her visit with her ‘people’, The Emperor, and The Fool.  Tho’ the death card speaks to transformation, the ‘constellation’ with the other two cards speaks to starting out with nothing but Beingness in the Fool, gather life’s necessities, and having a home and stuff, and then being faced with letting go of something that feels difficult to let go of in the Death card.   What is easy to forget is that with a letting go, there comes an opportunity for something, fresh, new, inspired to take the loss of what was let go of.  Here in lies the magic of the Death card,…. letting go.  Allowing and end for a new beginning.   There is always discomfort in the letting the go.  What does it mean?  What will happen?  Will I be safe?  Will I miss?  Who will I be if not with That?  It’s not a casual time when life asks you to let go.  And… that is what is asked today and if it’s your birthday, you get a whole year of finding your way to surrender.  Remember, you have the innocence of the Fool, fresh and alive, and the Wisdom of the Emperor, stable and secure, to consult with.  Know your inner Fool and your Wise Self, listen and play with the two of them and your journey with Death will be liberating.



What might needs, ‘letting go of’ to give space for something new and improved?

Can you ‘jump’ into your life with a new idea, a refresher course in beingness?

How do you limit yourself?

What endings are you afraid to face?

What rules, structures, definitions need reevaluation?

What have you always wanted to do and were too afraid of the consequences and breaking of rules to ‘jump’ into?

What lights you up and brings you to your playful, child-like, enthusiastic self?

What does your inner child desire?

What does freedom mean to you?

Can you imagine death as a transformative experience …Figuratively speaking?

What ‘stuff’ needs to be boxed and sent to the thrift shop?

Do you need to be boxed and sent to the thrift shop?  lol


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1 june 2012  >  12/3/21   >   HangedOne/Empress/Universe


Turn yourself around

360 of heart open

Lay down and look up


Hello.  And here is the Hanged One again.  Certainly the most popular of cards so far this year. For pure numerologist, it would lead to a ‘3’ day, The Empress. Some of her qualities are to nurture creativity, birth new form into being, and to consider the inclusive/exclusive ways of the World.

As I said recently, I think it’s poignant  that we are invited to ‘turn the world upside down’ and take another look at it all.  Or, more specifically, turn yourself around and a little upside down and get a new perspective.  What will you include and exclude?  And Is the Hokey Pokey really what it’s all about? 

I mean…. Really?  Is it?

The Universe, is calling us all to shift our perceptions and perhaps our attachment to our limited thinking and embrace a broader, more expansive vision of the world we live in.  Become more inclusive and see ourselves as part of the Great Universal Oneness. I am of the heart that we are All in on this living here on this evolving planet to share the common goal of achieving our Highest Good.  To be of kindness and love.


Since The Hanged One touches many birthdays this year, let’s hope that a year full of shifting perspective helps to heal our planet and our relationships with others and ourselves.


How might you shift your perspective?

Can you take a moment to notice how you make critique of something and change that?

Can you become more inclusive?

Can you see your ‘brothers/sisters’ in the people that pass you by on the street, in the store, anywhere?

How can you nurture positive thinking?

What new idea or concept might you take action on: birth?

Elementally speaking….

In the Earth of it… How do you create new boundaries?  How do you change what you do?

Or, HOw do you take what you have done and share it with the larger community?

In the Air of it… How do  you breathe new life into your life?  What needs clarifying as you shift your perceptive? What do you ‘cut away’ that doesn’t serve your present Path?

In the Water of it… What is the flow that you most desire to have?  How do you keep your heart open and honest?  How do keep your emotional integrity?

In the Fire of it….  How do you embrace your light?  What does Spirit have to say to you as you sit patiently waiting to listen?  Have you been being Authentic and what does that mean to you?

What needs burning away so there is a place to plant your new seeds?




31 may 2012   > 14/5   >   Alchemy/Art/Hierophant



Be aware of boxed up

Untie the ribbon that binds you

Pop out of the cube


Hi there and welcome to this last day of May and an invitation from Alchemy, #14.  Anything is possible and if it can it will.  What box do you need out of?

Art/Alchemy, invites you into the gift of creativity in a way that is about considering the magic that is around and with-in you. Are you ready to take some creative risks?.  Considering turning stone into gold.  I know, Right?  The impossible meets the unlike; you stir those together and you get….. it’s a mystery.  They may work, they may not, and maybe you try it again.  Hopefully you try it again, and risk the wonder of finding a new path, a new thing, a new way to express yourself.  For me, the gift of Art is making mistakes that aren’t really mistakes and are really an opportunity to open the door, Get out of the box (#5), and see an opportunity to expand your creative being.

 ‘5’ invites the resourceful you to start gathering and thinking out of the box.  It can look like the five pointed star. Today is a day/year to consider how attached you are to all that form and order, and do you need to get out of your ‘box’?  In other words, are you confined, defined, stuck in a structure in your life that  is not really expansive and creative anymore?  Are you mixing the improbably with the unlikely to see what wonder might happen?


The Hierophant is a spiritual leader who gathers and shares information; resourcing the ways of the world and the inherent diversity of the people.  Deepening the understanding that differences and likenesses fill the circle of life with a multitude of beliefs, and that within that is magic.  The Hierophant can be an encyclopedia of life.

Imagine the wonder of these two archetypes stretching beyond the ‘box’ of life creatively resources and exploring the great beyond.  Whatever that might be for you.




What box do you need to get out of?

What creative risks are you willing to take?

What resources do you need to gather?

How can you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone?

What opportunities is standing right in front of you that you keep avoiding?

Do the boundaries you make for yourself actually support the life you desire to live?

What happens when you flow against the typical flow of life?

Can you do it scared?

Can you let go of your attachment to making it perfect and just see what happens?

How does perfection keep you from enjoying your life?

How can you remain safe and secure and still stretch yourself out of your box?


If you have any questions that you’d like to ask me… please do.


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30 may 2012  >   13/4/0   >  Death/Emperor/Fool




Go and do it scared

Fear holds you if you let it

Soar into life free


And what might you transform today?    Good morning.  A day/year, if it’s your birthday, of Transformation.  Making space for what you always believe was your heart’s desire and life cluttered it up…. with your help.  

Death.  Many of us don’t like to talk about death or consider it.  There is a great fear around it,especially when it concerns physical death.  I’m of the mind and heart that this card is more about ‘the death of a way of doing things, or maybe the ending of something that needed ending long ago… or maybe bringing closure to that thing that never really was going any where.  What is that you have in your life that binds you to some discontent that never feeds your soul quite right?  Can you Let It Go?  It might take a little baby step at a time.  It might not even be something you give much attention to.  It might be an old pattern that you repeat and repeat, hopeful that it will one day surprise you and Voila, it’s all good.  What ever holds you from the fullness of yourself, I invite you to consider letting it go and giving space for something that Fills you up with goodness and light.




What holds you from having all the joy you deserve? Name three.

Who told you that you can not have your heart’s desire?

What is your heart’s desire?

What does transforming a situation mean for you?

How have you cluttered up your life and what can you do about that?

What is one small thing you can let go of today to start the process of releasing old crap?

What scares you into complacency?

How does death scared you?

How can you live your life free of fear?

What can keep you grounded as you release old stories and things that need letting go of?

What boundaries need your attention as you attend to making life joyful?

What does it mean to you to take the risk of letting go and taking a jump more fully into your life?


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29 may 2012   >   12/3/21  >   HangedOne/Empress/Universe



See what it is right there

Notice beyond what you see

Make it right as is


Morning…  thanks for your visit.  One of the things that I feel is essential when you consider each day is to consider that whatever this day is and has to offer, that in this moment you are exactly where you need to be.  (IMO)  The past is gone, tomorrow has yet to be and this moment is where you can find the truth of yourself.  And if this truth is unsettling: if this moment feels difficult, or painful, you might consider how you could adjust your thinking, your feelings,  your attitude to shift this  moment into one of pleasure and joy.  Perhaps, take notice of the goodness around you and what you are grateful for.  Today’s thought for the day is the Hanged One.  How might the energy of the Hanged One help you shift your attitude to one of gratitude and joy?


  Tho’  it always comes to the ‘3’, the Empress, when you add it to its last single digit, today it first comes to ‘12’ which for me makes it a bit more of a Hanged One’s day with the undercurrent of the Empress and the Universe.  Just my way to use all the Major Arcana and consider more depth.  I am first a Tarot kinda gal.


It is interesting that there are many repeat expressions of the Hanged One already this year.  What it brings up for me is the need, maybe even the necessity to really notice how you attach yourself to your life, that Tree of Life that reminds you who you are and where you came from.  AND… that maybe, during these global times of disenchantment with the politic of things, It might be important to really, really, take a new perspective on things.  Turn your life upside down, if it hasn’t already happened in your resistance, and consider the path you are on and is it working for you? What in this moment might you look at a little differently, a little less negatively, a little more positively?  In the Hanged One card there is a need for patience and calm.  Maybe a shift in your world view, or your view of work, family, and immediate relationships.


The Hanged One is an invitation to get a new perspective and look at the way you’ve set your ‘systems’ in place.  With the allies of the Empress and Universe; they support your creative, nurturing process and ask that you take in a more Universal, inclusive view.  And, you have the Minor Arcana that speaks to the ‘work’ that might need doing in the elemental expressions of EArth, Fire, Water, and Air.  so the question might be these:




HOw do you give yourself to a new perspective, a new view of the world around you?

In the Earth of it… How do you create new boundaries?  How do you change what you do?

Or, HOw do you take what you have done and share it with the larger community?

IN the Air of it… How do  you breathe new life into your life?  What needs clarifying as you shift your perceptive? What do you ‘cut away’ that doesn’t serve your present Path?

In the Water of it… What is the flow that you most desire to have?  How do you keep your heart open and honest?  How do keep your emotional integrity?

In the Fire of it….  How do you embrace your light?  What does Spirit have to say to you as you sit patiently waiting to listen?  Have you been being Authentic and what does that mean to you?

What needs burning away so there is a place to plant your new seeds?


Thanks for you visit and may you ‘ hang’ with all of us on this journey.  Peace to you.


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28 May 2012   >  11/20/2   >   Passion/Lust/Aeon/Judgement/Priestess


Inside is passion

Open the door fearlessly

Priestess your way home


Happy birthday Diane.  

Today is a day, a year to give yourself to your passions;  that fire in your belly, that desire you have yearned for, that re-creation of what ‘turned-you-on’ and you let it fizzle away…what you wish to shine up and give luster to.  It is a time to notice what internal dialogue you have going on about what lights you up.  Is it the kind of conversation with yourself that you are enjoying.  This is a day or year, should it be your birthday, to look beyond the veil of your limited mind and feel from your intuition or your ‘gut’, a larger possibility.   What is you Passion?  And can you take the risk of giving yourself fully to it?  Feeling and noticing your inner urges to express yourself.  Finding ways to be appropriate in that exchange between what inspires you and what feels right.  

‘11’ finds it way to the ‘2’, and the Priestess… the number of exchange, finding counsel within yourself or finding counsel in a trusted friend or therapist.  Sitting quietly and allowing yourself to feel and see beyond the veil between what is obvious and what lies hidden.

And… lastly, within the story of the Aeon/Judgement, ‘20’ card rests the call to accountability.  Being called upon to access life, or a situation that might asked for clarity.  Discerning what is presented before you and making ‘judgement calls’ appropriately. This ‘judgement’ is not the critical self pointing a finger at others or yourself, this is the kind of judgement that is needed to make appropriate decisions when faced with many options.




What inspires you to get up each morning?

How might you shine up your life and buff it to sparkle?

Who needs you to counsel them without it being about you?

Do you need counsel now to get out of a rut?

What sits right in front of your face that gets in the away of your seeing the totality of all you can be?

What seeds of life and inspiration, luster and passion do you plant now so they can bloom in your summer?

How might you put a Spring in your step and a seed in your earthly life?

What have you been talking about and pondering that now needs to rise up and feel the light of your action?

What have you needed to say that you have put off?  How can you say it lovingly?

How do you balance your busy mind with trusting your intuition?

 How do you give trust to your intuition?

What do your instincts tell you?




27 may 2012  >  10/1/19   >   WheelofFortune/Magician/Sun


You are the One 

You are  Light Divine shining

Your wait is over 

This has certainly been a year where ‘#1”, first finds itself in the ‘10’:the Wheel of Fortune.  I find it a reminder that what come up goes down and again and again.  Life moves around you and within you, with or with out you.  Where do you stand in this Wheel?  Where do you stand in your life?


It’s all about you in a certain sort of way.  Knowing your Oneness, knowing that you are at One with all that is and all you are as you grapple and swing and rotate on Life’s Wheel.  It is about how you initiate your life, how you stand centered and your sense of personal awareness.  In considering The Wheel of Fortune, which can represent the Circle of Life; turning and changing,  up and down, east and west, ever inviting you in to your center where the journey of life is more steady and focused. That center can be where the Sun shine directly on you to help you flourish and see where you’re going and how you’re growing.

 The Magician has all the tools you need;  earth, fire, air, and water, that translates to; what you do, how you hold true to yourself and your passion, how you get clarity, how you feel, and what your heart speaks to.  

If today is your birthday, these are questions to consider for the whole year.  Grab one or all and see what stirs you up.  Change the wording around to make it feel right for you.  As you ponder these thoughts and questions, please take a moment to sit quietly and breathe.  Let your breath guide you into a quiet place for the questions to have a moment to brew and shimmer.  Invite your wisdom to be your guide.  And remember, if overwhelm sets in, take a very little step.  You have as much time as you need.




How do you stay centered in yourself and if not how will you?

How will you push your edges and try to expand a little bit more?

What does the wheel of your life look like and how does it turn?

Are you going counter clockwise?   And is that a good thing for you?

What new beginning is pushing at your edges to consider or take action on?

What can you do that supports that feeling of magic in the air?

If you ‘are the One’, how does your Oneness join with others?

What does the tool of ‘earth’ mean to you?  

What does the tool of ‘fire’ mean to you

What does the tool of ‘water’ mean to you?

What does the tool of ‘air’ mean to you?

How can you use these tool to move with changes and turns of your life?


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26 may 2012   > 9/18  >   Hermit/Moon



Wisdom has a plan

It waits for your listening

Your heart feels the call


Ah the sweetness of a soft rain.. That’s what my morning rise is to.  We needed the rain and here it is.

Makes me languid and peaceful.

Welcome to ITN.  If this is your first time here.  Yeah.  and if you find yourself here again: yeah yeah. Feel free to pass this on to other that might enjoy it.  Thanks


Today, on this lovely rainy Saturday in Michigan, a day to take some quiet time and really gather your light, your unfinished business, your need for closure, whatever has been lingering in the undone zone that pokes at you to finish up.  Maybe you’ve been plowing through life and are drained, depleted, no time for yourself and your creative desires and dreams.  This is day to give a little bit to tidying up what has been bugging you and you have felt frustrated with.  It might be a time to let go of that piece of life you keep putting off and putting off and now it’s just a thorn in your side, undone, going no where.  And,  maybe it’s a day to sit quietly and meditate with your inner light and allow it to rise and show the path to your own wisdom.


  ‘9’, is the number for bringing-it-all-together: tying up lose ends, completing that project, that plan, that thought, so you can move on.  Being stuck in ‘9’ energy can keep things from coming to completion or missing out on an opportunity that need more action and less pondering.  

  Hermit ‘energy’ doesn’t need time to ponder and recluse; to gather energy in quietude and meditation so that there is more energy to have and more light to shine., more wisdom to gather and share.  There isn’t a time limit on the need for silence and gathering. And… once this time of quietude finds completion, Hermit energy is ready to give back and share what wisdom which was held in the shadows of life and is now ready to shine it out for others to see and feel.


With the Moon as your ally, take a look in those shadows of yours and drag that unfinished business into the light. The Moon, speaks to cycles, the flow of feelings and thoughts that provoke those feelings, the shadows of life, how you reflect light, and the fullness of that radiance.

The Hermit, calls to your inner wisdom, lights it up and lets it shine within and out.  He/she invites you to pay attention to what you know and how you might expand on that spiritually.




Can you carve out the time you need to sit quietly and allow your inner wisdom a chance to speak?

What needs ‘pulling’ together ?

Do you notice your inner wisdom and what is it saying to you at this time?

What are the cycles and patterns of your life and are they working for you?

What might need tuning up or letting go of?

What does the silence have to say to you?

Over the last 8 hours, 8days, 8years, 8months; what is now ready to bring to completion?

What lays hidden in the shadows of your life that seeks the light?

And what still needs time in the ‘shadows’ to percolate before it desires full-on light?

How can you claim the energy you need without giving too much of yourself away?


Please write out any questions that might come up for you that are more appropriate for you at this time.


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25 may 2012    >  8/17  >  Balance/Adjustment/The Star



Lead vulnerably

Be seen transparently whole

Hold space for heaven


Hi.  Good day to you and yours.  Summer heat is rising on this Spring day.  It’s a new kind of weather pattern shifting around us.  I prefer to stay in the Be Here Now and not go into any projected future.  Enjoy my moments.  And you?


Today’s invitation is held in Balance/Adjustment, along with it’s Tarot ally, The Star (#17) which reminds you that health and well being is important and that the health and well being of All that is around you is equally important. Some tarot-authored decks, differ on the # 8 Major Arcana; Strength/Lust or Justice/Balance.   I made a choice to use Crowleys delineation making the ‘8’ card Balance/Adjustment/Justice. Simply, a personal choice.  Within either choice is the opportunity to consider how you balance and adjust your life; how you consider the choices you make to address inner conflict, or trusting what you know is the way to sustain equality within yourself and around you.  I think there is a tending to life in a way that is supported by noticing how you feel, and trusting your intuition and instincts.  Getting to far from the center of yourself will cause imbalance.  There is this constant flow in the nature of things that seems to desire balance.


Your ‘ally’ The Star, reminds you that staying well and healthy, knowing your vulnerability, and being able to show your vulnerability is a gift to your living.  And that you just might be standing between ‘heaven and earth’ acting as a vehicle for change; a conduit for goodness.  These are all part of this sense of Divine Order to be aware of and mind-full of. 


In the ‘8’, is the management of your resources, your time, your money, and the consideration of how you control and have power; how you lead yourself and others.  It is considered by some, the card of Divine Order.  It will be about how you order your life and live in the material world.  How you manage it and others.  It can be dictatorial, and overly controlling.  Be Mindful.




What does Divine Order mean to you?

Can you be a vulnerable leader and what does that mean anyway?

In what ways can you adjust and find balance?

What is the difference for you between ‘power over’ and power shared and given?

How might you find justice in an unjust world?

What doesn’t feel fair right now that you can make feel/be a little better?

What needs to get out of the way of your sense of balance?

What isn’t working in how you manage ‘thing’ and what can you do to adjust that?

Can you let go of being perfect, or doing it ‘perfect’ so that you actually get it done?

If you feel you are on a tightrope struggling to stay balanced and centered what might you do to change this?  What needs to happen?

How will you manage your resources?

What are feeling you are losing control over that maybe you need to re-calibrate what that control is?

What is your time management?